A/B Testing Doesn’t Have to be a Pain in the SaaS
Unleash your store’s profit potential with the first CRO platform purpose-built for Shopify
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Trusted by hundreds of top-performing brands
GMV of merchants
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Median CVR lift
Launch high-impact split tests, unlock insights, and take the guesswork out of optimization.
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With Shoplift, I'm able to launch tests within minutes. It’s so easy to get started, even for non-experts. And the detailed analytics really help me understand what’s working, and what isn’t.

Jessica Lee
Founder & CEO, Modern Citizen
Take control of
your funnel
Break free from expensive design & development work, so your team can iterate faster.
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While other CRO tools promise a lot, it comes with a hidden cost of lots of design & dev time. Shoplift is the only tool that gives our marketers what they need right out of the box.

Lee Bissonnette
Chief Digital Officer, Marc Fisher Footwear
work with shopify,
not agaInst it
No more wrestling with buggy third-party code editors, messy workarounds, and fragile CSS.
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We've worked with every major A/B testing tool and Shoplift offers by far the best combination of performance and simplicity. It feels like a natural extension of Shopify, rather than a clunky add-on or workaround.

Pete Hardie
Co-Founder of Bonshore
Five stars
Rated 5/5 on Shopify App Store
OptimizE Beyond
your Wildest Theme
Build your test directly in Shopify
Easily duplicate and then edit variants within the Shopify Theme Customizer. Add blocks, sections, templates — even app blocks. Go even further by injecting your own Liquid or Javascript.
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or Lift Assist
will build it for you
Lift Assist™ analyzes millions of shopper sessions to recommend what converts and automatically generates features like countdown timers, sticky carts, inventory indicators, and more. It’s like jailbreaking your theme.
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Shoplift dynamically adapts your store based on user behavior, geo, channel, device, and more.
Automatic cohort segmentation: recognize unique behaviors to identify trends as they happen.
612 analysis parameters–with purchase type detection and 1:1 Shopify order matching–provide unparalleled accuracy and precision.
Shoplift’s advanced machine learning models predict statistical significance in real-time, so you get results faster.
Instantly implement winning tests with one-click “Apply Variant.” No more wasted time reverse-engineering tests in site code.
Fine-tune experiences for every segment of your audience using test insights to discover new areas of opportunity.
No page flicker or page
speed issues
Built for global commerce, with support for 130+ currencies
Compatible with GA4, Hotjar, and other popular analytics tools
Compatible with
Github workflows
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Integrates with Shopify Markets and Translate & Adapt

“Hands down, the best A/B testing app on the market for Shopify. So easy to use, without any setup headaches like you might get with other apps.”

Joseph Lam
CEO & Co-founder of Parents Are Human
Shoplift Success Stories
How Great Jones cut down test setup and modernized their CRO
When popular kitchenware maker Great Jones sought more conversions from their demand generation and partnerships funnels, they needed a platform that was as nimble as their small team. Jeannie O'Reilly, Head of Growth & Analytics, onboarded with Shoplift and they were running A/B tests within days.
CVR Improvement
ROAS Increase
Ninepine’s first foray into CRO unlocks new heights
Ethical, minimalist activewear maker Ninepine knew their store should be converting more new visitors. What Co-founder Kousha Torabi expected to get when they signed up for Shoplift was the ability to run a few split tests, without needing designers or devs. What they actually got was much more: a tailored testing roadmap with dozens of fresh ideas to send CVR skyrocketing.
Winning tests
Revenue increase
Small wins compound to big results on Jones Road’s PLPs
When established beauty brand Jones Road set out to solve plateauing conversion on their product landing pages, they turned to Shoplift for split testing. The speed and ease with which Growth Marketing duo Sara Hoffman and Zack Arrandt could spin up new tests meant they could more quickly reach significance, apply successful tests, and discard unsuccessful ones.
Sessions Analyzed
RPV lift
Built For Athletes builds their CRO muscle with Shoplift
When fast-rising athletic equipment maker Built For Athletes faced ROAS headwinds on Meta, Head of Digital Chris Edwards knew that CRO was the key to sustaining strong growth. Within weeks of installing Shoplift, Chris was running impactful split tests on their homepage and PDPs without costly design, dev, or agency resources.
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